Halina Gadomski Licensee Salesperson

Halina has been joined in real estate with her daughter Monika – known as Team HM.

Being part of a boutique & ethical real estate agency and supported by the unique advisory team of First National Empower, Team HM is committed and equipped to provide an extraordinary experience by selectively focusing on a smaller caseload of clients at a time.

Team HM constantly network and develop relationships with local residents. Their family’s passion for motorsport brought them to Pukekohe, which they now call home. The Mother & Daughter team brings a wealth of experience that is sure to benefit anyone with their residential, investment, or commercial real estate journeys.

Halina is approachable, reliable, and passionate about people. She is a confident communicator with excellent listening and organizational skills while consistently displaying a proactive attitude towards her endeavors. Halina has a professional background in Travel, Hospitality & Human Resource Development gained both in New Zealand and in Europe. With her skills in sales, leadership & management, Halina knows the meaning of ‘walk the talk’ and proves this to all her clients. Halina’s international experience and appreciation for a variety of cultures further strengthen her ability to provide comprehensive support and a transparent approach to all stages of her work.

Halina’s work ethic and flexibility ensure that she can face any unexpected scenarios that may present themselves. She believes that the key to successful cooperation is an individual approach to each person who entrusts her with the purchase or sale of real estate.

Halina keeps up to date with all variations in the current property market while also developing herself professionally. This will ensure that the sale and purchase of real estate are both comfortable and a less stressful experience for her clients, as she knows this is often one of the most significant decisions in life.

So if you would like to know more about your local real estate market or test the waters of selling or investing in a property, contact either Monika or Halina of Team HM to gain a better understanding of your current market or for a ‘no-obligation’ appraisal today.